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72 of our loved ones and neighbours died after the Grenfell Tower fire on June 14th 2017. On that day our lives changed forever. It is a tragedy all the more devastating because it was entirely avoidable.  

In the days after the fire volunteers from across the country came to help us, and survivors and bereaved families came together to support each other. We formed Grenfell United to look after each other, support the wider community and to campaign for justice and change.  

We know we have a long fight ahead but we are determined, with public support, to make sure change happens so a tragedy like this never happens again.

our campaigns


Justice for 72 lives lost

We are campaigning so that the voices of the bereaved, survivors and the community will be heard throughout the Public Inquiry into the fire and that no stone will be left unturned in the fight for justice. We want to make sure that the changes recommended by the Inquiry and all the underlying causes of the fire are acted upon so that a tragedy like this will never happen again.

Safe homes for everyone

Everyone in the UK deserves to live in a safe home. We are campaigning for dangerous combustible material to be removed from homes, be replaced safety and never used again. And to see changes to building regulations and fire safety so that people are safe in their homes.

a change in culture

For years before the fire residents raised concerns about what was happening in the tower. They weren’t just ignored they were bullied to be quiet. We are campaigning for changes to how people living in social housing are treated so that residents are always put first and to see a change of culture in public institutions.

Wellbeing & remembrance

  • We are working for survivors to be rehomed as quickly as possible. A year after the fire some survivors are still in hotel rooms.
  • We are working with the NHS to create wellbeing services that work for our community so that everyone affected by the fire has the support they need, now and for as long as they need it.
  • We are working with others to create a fitting memorial to our loved ones on the Grenfell land.

in the news


what we’ve achieved so far


Over 150,000 people signed our petition for a panel to be added to the Grenfell inquiry. We secured a Government debate and over 100 MPs attend a briefing with Grenfell United members ahead of the debate. Just before the debate and ahead of a planned protest outside Parliament, the Prime Minister announced additional panel members would be added to support the Judge.

We secured agreement from the Government that the survivors, bereaved families and the community will work together to create a fitting memorial and decide the future of the Grenfell tower site.

Schools and communities across the country took part in the first Green for Grenfell Day on 15 June to celebrate local communities and raise money for good causes.

Working with the NHS we have been leading thinking about how to approach wellbeing to make sure people affected by the fire get the right support and the care they need. We are developing new approaches for communities that have gone through trauma.

We’ve been raising awareness of the needs of survivors and bereaved families, from speaking out about families who are still in hotel rooms to calling out the need for change everywhere from the Guardian to the BBC.

12,000 people marched alongside survivors and bereaved families to mark the 1 anniversary of the fire. Thanks to the organisers of the Grenfell Silent Walk who bring us together each month to remember and find strength.

get involved

Add your voice to ours:  Sign up to support us and we’ll email you with news about our journey and opportunities to take action with us. Together we will be #UnitedforGrenfell. Sign up here.  


Walk with us. On the 14th of every month we walk silently together to remember the lives we lost in fire and to come together to find strength to keep campaigning for justice and change. The walk is open to everyone and is a peaceful, dignified way to show your support. We thank volunteers who organise this march every month, in North Kensington and area the UK. Find out about the next walk here



What is Grenfell United?

Grenfell United are the main group of survivors and bereaved of the Grenfell tower fire, working together for our community and campaigning for safe homes, justice and change. We were founded in the days after the fire. We are a registered family association and have an elected committee that seeks to represent survivors and bereaved families.

Can I donate to Grenfell United?

Grenfell United is a family association set up by survivors and bereaved of the Grenfell Tower fire to support each other and campaign for justice and change so that nothing like this can ever happen again. Grenfell United does not accept donations. We recommend people that who want to donate to support survivors, bereaved and the wider community affected by the fire, donate to the Grenfell Foundation.

About the Grenfell Foundation

The Grenfell Foundation is a charitable organisation set up this year at the request of bereaved and survivors from the Grenfell Tower fire. It will provide support and assistance to the generations affected by the Grenfell Tower tragedy for years to come, with an emphasis on community, well-being and education. Thanks to donations, the Foundation will soon be opening up a grant system to support community-led projects that work in these areas.

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contact us

Grenfell United is made up survivors and bereaved from the Grenfell Tower fire. Please bear with us
and we will endeavour to reply as soon as we can.

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